There’s a new protein snack on the market

bpi sports funnbar protein candy chew snack

Up until now you have two choices if you want a protein recovery snack: protein bars and shakes, or a freshly prepared meal. The first option is OK but eating some of the bars can be like chewing cardboard and the volume of a shake can leave you feeling bloated.  Preparing a fresh meal is time consuming if you don’t have a personal chef, and getting the right mix of protein and carbs is hard if you’re not a qualified nutritionist. Now there’s an answer: Funnbar from BPI Sports.

bpi sports funnbar protein candy chew snack

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Musclepharm Assault

Musclepharm Assault 30 Servings Special Offer Best Price Online

MusclePharm Assault (30 Servings)

Musclepharm Assault leads the way in terms of pre-workouts, unleash a devastating frontal assault on your workouts!

Unlike “stimulant-concentrated” formulas that hit hard and then give you a crash afterwards, there is no crash with Assault, you get a steady flow of energy from beginning to end.

Developed at the state of the art MusclePharm Sports Science Center, Assault is the most researched pre-workout product on the market today. As athletes ourselves, we wanted it to do more than pack serious muscle-building power. We set the safety bar sky-high so other athletes know that they’re supporting their bodies with a great supplement.

Many clinical studies have been published to show that Assault improved performance effectively but safely. In the words of our research team, “Assault” is a safe and effective supplement that can promote increases in strength, muscular endurance, energy, choice reaction, and agility while decreasing fatigue in healthy men.”




Container Size: 736g
Serving Size: scoop (23g)
Servings Per Container: 32

Amount Per Serving:

Total Calories: 40
Protein: 0g
Total Carbohydrates: 9g
-Sugars: 0g
-Dietary Fibre: 0g
Fat: 0g
-Saturates: 0g
Sodium: 45mg
Vitamin B-6 (Pyridoxine HCL): 14mg
Vitamin B-12 (Methylcobalamin): 85mcg
Calcium (From Phosphate and Silicate): 247mg
Potassium: 40mg

Assault Proprietary Blend: (23,000mg)
Anti-Fatigue Adaption Matrix:
CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine, Citrulline Malate, (DMG) Dimethylglycine, Rhodiola Rosea (Root) Extract 3% Rosavins

Strength Domination & Recovery Matrix:
Creapure(Creatine Monohydrate), Con-Cret Creatine HCL (100% Concentrated Creatine)

High Performance Energy & Intensity Amplifier:
Choline Bitartrate, Taurine, L-Tyrosine, Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT), Caffeine Anhydrous, Papain 1000, Pyroglutamic Acid, L-Aspartic Acid, Camiella Sinensis (White Tea Leaf Powder), Pyridoxine HCL, Methylcobalamin

3:1:2 BCAA Ratio (Patent Pending):
BCAAs (L-Leucine, L-Valine, L-Isoleucine)

Cell Volumizer:
L-Glycine, L-Arginine Blend (L-Arginine AKG 2:1, Di Arginine Malate, L-Arginine HCL)

Cellular Transport Amplifier:
Astragin (Notoginseng Root Ext, Astragalus Root Ext.), Cinnulin PF (Cinnamomum Burmanii Extract Standardized To Type-A Polymers)

Muscle Hydration & Electrolyte Blend:
L-Glutamine, Phosphorus, Sodium, Potassium

Other Ingredients:

Glucose Polymers, Natural And Artificial Flavours, Calcium Silicate, Citric Acid, Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium, Salt, Calcium Phosphate, Magnesium Oxide, Potassium Chloride, FD&C Red #40.

Please Note: Nutritional facts and ingredients may vary slightly between flavours.




Mix 1/2 to 1 scoop of Assault in 400 to 500ml of water 20-30 minutes before training. For optimal results, drink a minimum of 1 gallon of water daily.

For hardcore training sessions: use 1 scoop of Assault in 400 to 500ml of water 20-30 minutes before training.

For moderate-intensity training: Use 1/2 scoop of Assault in 250 to 350ml of water 20-30 minutes before training.

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It’s All You…

imagesMay 31, 2013
A good friend asked me a question the other day and it’s been rattling in my head ever since…so I had to share these thoughts with you.
What is the secret to happiness?
Now, I am a thinker and this has certainly caught me the past few days, but I guess the best questions make you look deeper.
First off, you can’t guide your life with quotes from the fucking Dalai Lama…he doesn’t have a job, mortgage, car, he doesn’t read bullshit magazines or watches crap TV….I could go on and equally, I could be wrong- Big D get in touch and let me know if you do and I will amend this.
HOWEVER…he does one thing that is awesome and it’s something that I try and make clients, athletes and myself see and do everyday.
Try to be yourself in a world that is intent on making you something or someone else…
Secret is out folks……it’s all you and what that voice inside your head says on a daily basis.  Trust me you can’t be tall dark and handsome when you are 5 foot 6″, ripped and bald with a growing beard (that is my bad ass self).
Here are 3 easy steps from me to get your head back-
1. Music is far better than T.V- seriously, if you become the five people you spend time with most, then having Deirdre from Coronation Street (to my overseas followers- see saggy old bird, gravelly voice and glasses in picture) in your front room moaning isn’t good for your soul.
Equally reality TV where people either behave like complete morons or spend money with the same integrity.  This isn’t the guiding light you seek my friend and it’s certainly not the best way to spend time on this earth being awesome.
Ask yourself this question- if you end up laying on a hospital bed on your way out, then are you really going to look back fondly of years on the sofa in a TV coma and looking at Deirdre!
How many times have you listened to a piece of music and it’s taken you back to a special moment, made you dance, made you sad and appreciative of the happiness you now have? Driving back from the seaside today listening to the sexiest tunes will always take me back to that moment and in particular this tune-
2. I don’t mean turn up and go through the motions like 99.5% of the other people in the gym. I am talking about training like your trying to seriously kill yourself.  If you attack your body in the gym it will fight back and make you a bigger stronger beast.  You may look at some of my workouts and think- this guy is fucking nuts.  I may be, but when it comes down to it- my body will adapt to the stress that I put it through.
There is no scientific study to back this up- so jam jar trainers look at people who are doing the things you like trying to figure out and prove wrong- you will find it’s 0.5% of pure insanity that can’t be explained.
Now, how does that relate to happiness?  It’s simply one of the few moments in life when you are actually in ‘that moment’. Looking after your body, making it strong, flexible and with a strong heart will do more than any pill.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Blueprint Trainer Day 49

Arnold Schwarzenegger Blueprint Trainer Day 49
Arnold’s Blueprint
Week 8

Arnold Schwarzenegger Blueprint Trainer Day 49

Rest day! It’s time to relax, recuperate, and soak up Arnold lore. Take this final opportunity to watch him at his best as you enter the home stretch!
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Six workouts—that’s all that remains of the Blueprint trainer. If this were “Pumping Iron,” you’d be down in Pretoria, South Africa, fighting off jetlag and trying to squeeze in workouts while sizing up your competition.
Why not take this opportunity to watch the landmark bodybuilding documentary one more time? Invite over your training partner, or perhaps just your family and friends who are wondering where you’ve been for the last two months. They know Arnold the movie star, politician, and public figure. But if they don’t know Arnold the bodybuilder yet, it’s time they get introduced.
Watching Pumping Iron
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Got Vertical? How To Measure For Explosive Strength

Got Vertical? How to Measure for Explosive Strength
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Veteran weightlifters have spent much of their lives listening to the old stories about how the weights supposedly make athletes slow and uncoordinated. Well, this has been refuted many times in the public sphere. While the public is growing more knowledgeable in this area, there are still pockets of ignorance . This situation has even provided some weightlifters with a means of earning some quick and easy beer money by making bets with laypersons about the speed and flexibility of weightlifters versus that of other athletes.
You can always get a taker if the subject of jumping ability is brought up. Most laypersons will readily bet that weightlifters would have little jumping ability. After all, they are just too big and slow, right? Some might concede that the lighter lifters might display some jumping ability, but they are still more than willing to bet that the big men and women would naturally limit out at a significantly lower height. They also assume a weightlifter’s strength is in their arms, not their legs. These imaginings are now refuted frequently, but the Soviets actually refuted them decades ago.
What Is Explosive Strength?
In sports and physical education, the terms “explosive strength” and ” speed-strength ” are widespread, characterizing muscular activities requiring great speed while also mobilizing great strength. This physical quality is fundamental to all types of sprints, jumps, throwing events, and, of course, weightlifting.
Researchers have found a way of quantifying speed-strength. This explosive strength of muscles is usually estimated by a power index, expressed as follows:
J = fmax/tmax
Where “J” is the speed-strength index, “fmax” is the maximum amount of an available force (strength) of the muscles in a given movement, and “tmax” is the time needed to attain this maximum strength of the muscles.
To maximize J you naturally want a high numerator and a low denominator. From that relationship it can be deduced that the quicker you can produce your maximum strength in any muscle, the more speed strength you can display. This will produce a nice accurate figure that will accurately measure the speed-strength of any particular athlete’s movements. The bigger your J, the further you can throw a baseball, discus, or shot, the further you can kick a football or soccer ball, and the more weight you can put overhead. While very precise, this formula’s biggest weakness is that most of us do not have the technical means to accurately measure either our muscular force or our time taken to attain it.
How You Can Measure Your Strength
Fortunately for you average gym rats there is a more pragmatic way of measuring an athlete’s index of-strength. That is done using the standing high jump, aiming only for height, not trying to jump over a bar or anything like that. This is a simple test but an effective one. Anyone can see that the act of jumping upwards as high as possible requires great leg power. You need a great eccentric spring movement, quickly followed by an immediate and speedy concentric muscular contraction of the leg extensors (see video demonstration below.)
This is a good (and easy) way to test potential of a weightlifter since these same qualities must be present in weightlifters when lifting maximum weights. Modern competitive weightlifting is accomplished not so much with the arms, but with the legs, so what works well in the high jump should also work well in the snatch and the clean and the jerk. (That last fact will help you if you end up making bets with people who think that weightlifting is an arm exercise).
What the Russians Have Known for a While
Years ago the Soviets conducted an interesting experiment in this area. The methodology consisted of each of three weightlifters performing a number of standing two-legged high jumps after a fifteen-minute warm-up. This method can be used by any non-technical person in any gym. One end of a measuring tape was tied to the waist of the lifter while the other end was fixed to the floor. This method was used instead of the more common method of seeing how high on a wall the subject’s hand was able to touch. This eliminated the skewing that might have occurred with lifters of different proportional arm lengths. The lifter then performed a powerful eccentric bending of the legs  followed by a powerful concentric extension of the legs, resulting in a jump straight upward. The height of the jump could then be registered by the tape.
It should also be noted that the weightlifters were of six different skill levels. from novice to elite. There were 83 subjects. Not surprisingly, with an increase in the qualification of the lifter, the height of the jump attained also increased. The observed results were recorded as follows:
It must be noted that one of the athletes tested was one Victor Kurentsov , 1968 Olympic champion at 75kg. He attained a best height of 101cm. This was identical to that obtained by the great Valery Brumel , who old-timers will remember as the premiere high jumper of that era. Equally amazing was the performance of Leonid Zhabotinsky, a two-time Olympic champion who weighed around 160kg. Despite his great bulk he was still able to do 90cm. I have heard that Vasily Alexeev could do just under 100cm as well.
Also of note are the low variances obtained. The athletes were all of different body weights and heights yet the variances on the average heights attained were fairly low. This would indicate that the lifters of each skill level all reached a similar height regardless of bodyweight. This implies that taller and heavier lifters can jump as high as lighter ones, presumably due to their greater leg strength despite being handicapped by their heavier bodies. On the other hand this may need more study since that column was not clearly labelled.
Beyond the Soviet Study
These results were compared to non-athletes. Unfortunately I do not have the performance figures for non-athletes, but they were presumably significantly below those of weightlifters. It would be interesting to see those results as well as doing another experiment comparing lifters with variously skilled athletes from various other sports . It would be nice to know how much higher lifters can jump compared to others.
The study also raises an important and frequently asked question. Is weightlifting training responsible for this increase in height attained or are the greater results of more qualified athletes a result of better genetics? Or both? It would be more interesting if we could get some longitudinal studies to answer this one.
If these questions can be answered then we might see a few more opportunities for lifters to make some quick money via hot-stove league wagers.
1. Vorobyev, A.N., ” A Textbook on Weightlifting .” J. Bryant, Trans. Budapest, Hungary: International Weightlifting Federation. 1978.
Image 1 courtesy of  Jorge Huerta Photography .
Image 2 courtesy of  Shutterstock .

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Valuable Fitness Guidelines

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Finding out how to best suit the beholder is usually in a person’s best interest. Fitness can help lead to this pathway by enabling you to alter your physical pose, confidence, and last but not least body composition to best please whoever the beholder might be.
If you want to give your fitness a boost, get into walking. Walking heel to toe starts that involves pushing your heels first and toes last can increase your calves’ efforts. If you bend your elbows and swing the arms during your steps, you can give your arms a workout, also.
Choose the ideal time of day for your body to exercise. A morning person will find it fairly simple to fit in their workout routine early in the day, whereas somebody who feels at their best later on in the day ought to wait until the afternoon or evening to exercise. If you work out when your body and mind is feeling in tip-top condition, you will get the ideal benefits achievable.
When working out, it is crucial to keep in mind that shorter workouts are better than lengthier ones. Boost your workout gradually over time and keep in mind that quality training is better than longer training sessions. This will avoid muscle strain and rather will develop your muscle strength in a safe and healthy way.
A fantastic way to get fit is to cut out regular soda from your diet regime. Drinking regular soda is pretty much the equivalent of drinking sugar. It undoubtedly will not facilitate any type of fitness goal. Rather, switch to diet soda or better yet, switch to water.
Accept the truth that you cannot run that marathon without training for it. Depending on your existing fitness ability will determine how long it will take for you to reach the objective. If you aren’t a runner now, don’t expect to start out by running a couple of miles right away. Build up to it. Begin by walking, then walking and running, til you are at the point where you can run the entire time.
Try to keep away from taking a pain-reliever pill straight after you work out, even if you are in some kind of discomfort or anticipate it later. Study has shown that these are actually as successful as a placebo when it comes to pain relief associated with post-workout time. They are also believed to suppress muscle development, so they are best avoided.
You can’t expect to see benefits right away, remember that. You have to keep focused and committed to your program and a massive part of that is your mentality. You can’t expect to have abs in two weeks when this is your initial time attempting to get into shape, it takes months to get that lean body you are searching for.
The notion of beauty is composed of numerous parts, character, physique and permanent attributes. This write-up should reveal to you how to best maximize your potential in at least one of these areas. Working on the issues that a person can alter is almost certainly the most important step into becoming a new, healthier person.

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Driven Beyond Strength™ – Final Episode! (season 1)

Driven Beyond Strength™ – Final episode! (Season 1)
Saturday, 08 February 2014 22:48
To watch all seven episodes from Season 1, click the link below:
Mark makes this comment
Wednesday, 26 February 2014
Hi Joe, do you have an update for the new Strength DVD? and is there a possibility that you’ll include it in your Complete Athletic Development System, so we can buy it all together? It’d be awesome if you guys can do that!

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The Cortez Journal 04/10/2014 | Decorated Local Bodybuilder Ready To Return To Stage


On the eve of another big competition, Robson is cherishing the opportunity to again walk across a stage, showcasing an impressive body that has been years in the making. A career defined by success Now 28 years into his weightlifting career, Robson has enjoyed no shortage of success in powerlifting and bodybuilding events. After finishing fifth in teenage division of the Rocky Mountain in 1987, Robson turned his attention to powerlifting, eventually finishing first in his division at the American Powerlifting Championships (2006) and the National Powerlifting Championships (2007).
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